Saturday, August 27, 2011

Rock Jam/Mack, Colorado

Before we packed up and moved to Rock Jam, we took the rimrock drive at the Colorado National Monument.  WOW, what a pretty drive and we could see for miles!
several tunnels along the 23 miles
me and Dave with the view

Just because I liked it

Looking up from the truck window

"Coke Ovens"

Just part of the curly drive down

We moved a whopping 22 miles west on I-70 to Mack Colorado to set up at Rock Jam 2011.  We arrived about 11 am on Tuesday the 23rd, set up along the inside fence of the grounds.  Another festival with water and electric!!  It's always nice when we can take a break from RV park fees.  AND the septic truck comes around once a day to pump...whoo hoo!

This is one of my favorite festivals so far, as pertains to the people that is....I'll explain that in a minute.

Everyone here is sooo nice and they all like to hang out together BSing and, hmmmm, having a few beers.  They are all actually pretty laid back.  This is only a two day festival, so not as intensive as some of the 4 day festivals we have done or will be doing.

As for the music.....all I can say is if you are a Meatloaf fan, you wouldn't be anymore after last night's performance....He appeared drunk, his vocals were horrible, he rambled on between songs and even his band appeared uncomfortable!

The first band of the day today ....playing right one of those screaming, swearing, too loud bands.  don't get me wrong...I like rock and we listened to screaming loud bands in the 70's, just not the heavy metal stuff.  I had to go down close the stage area to check on some equipment and came back with a headache!  The only thing I can say is I hope the rest of the day is not this LOUD!  Godsmack and Twisted Sister play later, so we will see how it goes.

I'll post pictures soon...we have a few...even one of a wicked lightening storm Thursday evening.

This is the last day.  We pack up equipment this evening, then take Sugerbear (Cameron) and Gravy(Dave) to the airport in the morning, clean up the house and get ready to roll on  Monday.  We will be staying in Beaver, UT Monday night and then be at Nellis AFB FamCamp (Vegas) sometime on Tuesday.

We already have tickets for the Blue Man Group of which I am VERY excited.  We'll see what other trouble we can get into when we get there.

Till next time.....

SHOUTOUT: To Caitlin Elaine, our youngest.  She will be 25 on Sunday.  Hard to believe my baby is in her mid 20's!  Love you Caitiedid!!


  1. We stayed at Beaver, UT a couple of weeks ago in the Beaver KOA. It is a very nice park. We were on our way from Moab, Utah to Las Vegas and this is about half way.


  2. Loved the's a nice road to travel on with tunnels which are awesomely built. Hope you had a blast with some good music from bands.

  3. Haven't been to Cake Ovens but this small mountainous heaps really look like a place to visit. Besides this tunnels always make journey more adventurous and cool to drive.

  4. Cake Ovens is really the best place I ever visited in last two years. Loved the place so much that I amm planning few more trips to this valley of beautiful small hills.


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