Thursday, April 14, 2011

A week of relaxing....

Well, mostly.....

We packed up the equipment, the guys trailer and our 5er and drove back to our spot at Desert Gardens.
Here's Dave and Todd going up to take the equipment off a telephone pole.

It was very bouncy and Dave was hanging on for dear life..:)

Had to do laundry....what a dusty muddy mess. Then Tuesday morning we headed up to Tempe to the Elevate office and answered phones all day. We needed to get some practice/training in and they needed help as most of the guys were in Florida at another festival.

We discussed and decided while we were there that we would get a new wireless cradlepoint router....the one we had just was not working. Also needed to get new headsets so we could do the phone work from our little home. So off to the nearest Best Buy...Dave had already checked to see if they had the one we wanted.
We had kind of a funny conversation about there being TOO many choices in a big city as compared to little ol Manhattan. Not always a good thing when trying to decide where to go!!

After some dinner at Ruby Tuesdays (pretty darn good) we headed home. The poor dogs had been waiting to make sure we were coming back for 13 hours. They were very accidents! But SURE were happy to see us!!

Yesterday I spent 5 hours on the phone trying to get the router and the aircard to work together and for our laptops and printer to recognize one point we had it all working..."chat guy" suggested as the last thing I do to change the password and reboot..did it...lost everything! Chatted him back (for the 5th time) and we could not get it going....ARRGGHHH!!! You know me....PISSED me off...had to calm myself down the rest of the day and will give it another go today...will try by myself and then MAYBE will call Cradlepoint!!

Dave tried to get to our online phone system for work and it was a no go. He called Todd and he was going to work on it....he's pretty busy right now, so we'll probably hear from him sometime today.

I took a walk in the afternoon, by myself, and looked into all the buildings here...very large activity bldg with lots of tables, a large tv, a craft room and a kitchen. An exercise room, a room they call a "reading room" that has couches, chairs, poker tables, books of course and 2 pool tables and a foosball table. They also have a well equipped wood shop. So plenty to do I guess.

Today will be spent on the computer again for me as I have yet to finish our taxes AND still need to get the router going. I need to get this done as we need a more reliable internet to do our phone work on.

Anyway, I think Dave will be finding a way to stay away from me...I'll be in a piss poor mood while doing taxes and then working on the router! But first, I'll make us a nice Fritatta for breakfast.

I'm sorry I don't have more's an internet issue again...I'll explain it in another post.

I see we now have 7 followers! Welcome to the two newest...Frankie and Amanda!

And a ShoutOut to my buddy Jean! I miss you!

Bye for now!!

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  1. Yeah i'd stay away from you too! Lol. sounds horribly frustrating. Hopefully you get it worked out today and get everything up and running. Once everything is good will you have to do this every time you move?

    Good luck! Love you guys


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